Lead Meeting 17/11/17

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Sub group 1

  • Discussed three use cases (Vendor oversight/EMR)
  • Data Integrity use case– We already have some of this in place and was decided not to use this in the paper

Sub group 2

  • Use cases should be technically and practically appealing
  • Data integrity is not transformational EHR's and EMR’s are inaccessible today
  • Electronic submissions would be an area you would not want to touch on
  • Chris meeting Hari on Monday who may favour something similar to the Supply chain piece which he has already done a proof of concept on

Sub group 3

  • Some of the examples did overlap but we can look at offering something using an example which can be easily transferred across different areas
  • Imran met with the ITTT team he is going to share the outcome of the discussion at the next meeting
  • Richards use cases
    • Burst iQ- Fits into the supply chain bucket
    • Genomics Data – an example of personal patient information in a way which needs to be secure and confidential and the use needs to be approved by the patients.
    • Aji- there are some problems surrounding the Genomics Data use case
  • Imran – Clinical supply chain already have a sub group and put forward that we use this as our use case and collaborate with the group.
  • Disa - we could use this as a high-level use case in the introduction as we need to avoid duplication as the sub team will be creating a White paper
  • Smart contracts use case – you can track the documentation and see how things change
  • Core process flow needs to be easy to transfer across

Common areas within the use cases

  • ID Verification from the supply chain and patient angle

Discussion on Use cases

  • Smart contracts as they are easy to demonstrate and could be transferred across to site payments (Vendor and site)
  • Clinical trials – Only talk about how the patient owns the data and how it comes from devices, clinics etc. and how the data is passed through.
  • Aji - ID Verification – Look at a simple way how patients can identify themselves which gives an additional layer of trust
  • Looking at registration support programmes and press that down into one simple process using Blockchain technology which can be simple and easy to imply
  • Give patients a unique I.D and use this as an output data for the results

Use case proposals

  • Vendor and site Oversight
  • Patient Data


  • Adama - To send out communication to team with final decision on use cases for the team on comment on
  • Disa – To draft 100 words for PhUSE