Lead Meeting 03/11/17

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Attendees: Disa, Chris, Lauren, Adama

Apologies: Aji


Structure of white paper

  • Let the sub work groups come up with more specific ideas on the use case
  • Chris- What do we need from these use cases that helps up with our sections this may drive the use cases choices
  • Topics must be related to the use cases we select
  • Start with generalities and then lead to specifics which come from the use cases for section 2
  • Disa - Sub group 1 are generalising then exploring some high-level use cases
  • Start with work group 1 then the detailed use cases and then sub group 2 section for a better flow within the paper
  • Chris - Some topics may need to be addressed in a different perspective in different sections
  • Produce the sub sections in sequence not in parallel so there is a continuation of thought
  • Link back the qualities which match each use case
  • Coordinate with other sub teams so that any issues they raise they can be shared with the team

Choosing use cases

  • Each sub group will choose their top 2
  • Have a poll on the use cases so people can vote
  • Look at topics where we don’t have the expertise as we may have to pull people in
  • Look at choosing one of the use cases from Hashedhealth
  • Use cases should have a broad appeal


  • Think about the template sections
  • Attempt to start the write up in December
  • Week of the 13th November to have two use cases decided by the sub groups (Deadline 14th)
  • Week of 20th November send an email to choose the preference by the 24th
  • Send out the voting for use cases on the 14th/15th which will close on the 17th November
  • Team to decide on use cases within the next week


  • Post use cases in Teamwork as they come in
  • Leads to share key topics raised within sub team on the next call and highlight what’s changed to try and align the overall team
  • Chris and Disa to remind teams to start looking/deciding on use cases within the next week