Key Performance Indicators & Metrics (KPI)

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Project Overview

The PHUSE Data Science & KPI Metric Reporting Group (a cross-industry working party that covers all global regions and company types) has been working to establish a set of common Data Reporting Metrics which are more detailed than industry wide metrics, therefore, allowing a greater level of granularity in our project reporting, and business process management.

The working party has standardised relevant terminology and definitions and agreed on an initial globally acceptable set of standard reporting metrics in the area of clinical data science.

Click here to open an interactive version of the KPI Definitions, Terminology and Metrics map, with links to full details.

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Yvonne Moores Project Lead GCE
Andy Richardson Co-Lead Independent

Project Members

Name Email
Alassane Doumbia
Avinash Reddy Pati
Benedikt Egersdoerfer
Beverly Hayes
Beate Hientzsch
Claudia Keck
Chandi Kodthiwada
David Manteigas
Debra Anderson
Erica Davis
Elisa Fatzinger
Elisa Natale
Ester Schoeman
Evgeny Starostin
Gina Wood
Gloria Dsouza
Hanming Tu
Helle Gawrylewski
Jorine Putter
John Mullisky
Kimberly Gallet
Krishnendu Biswas
Linghui Zhang
Marcia Boakye
Mark Coughlan
Michael Calcagno
Michael Zelasky
Na Michael Li
Nancy Haeusser
Nurcan Coskun
Olivier Leconte
Pam Howard
Pamela Golden
Rashmi Lomesh
Rajinder Kumar
Suni Joseph
Sunil Babu Pilli J
Srinivas Veeragoni
Todd Bazin
Vinay Somashekar
Xiaohan Zou

Project Updates

2019 Survey
The PHUSE Key Performance Indicators & Metrics Project has established a set of common data reporting metrics which are more detailed than industry-wide metrics, therefore allowing a greater level of granularity in our project reporting, and business process management. These metrics and their definitions are issued annually as a survey to life sciences industry companies in order to collect their information. The Year 2 survey is now being distributed to collate information from 20+ companies. Should you wish your company to participate, contact

2018 Survey Results
The team put together a pilot survey which was based around 22 metrics, this was sent to 33 companies. The feedback from the pilot survey has been collated and the project are now adapting the metrics, terminology and definitions based on the comments received. In alignment to this the team have put together an abbreviated report which can be downloaded here.

Objectives and Timelines

List proposed project deliverables and timelines.

Project Activities

Meeting Minutes