June 30, 2016 Meeting Notes

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Meeting minutes of Nonclinical_Script_Assessment_Project

May 26, 2016

Present First Name Last Name Affiliation
Yes Kevin Snyder FDA
Elaine Thompson FDA
Kevin Cahill EPL
Bill Varady Boehringer-Ingelheim
Yes Bob Dorsam FDA
Yes Bob Friedman Xybion
Yes Chris Eley Pfizer
Yes Stephen MacMannis Pfizer
Fred Mura PDS
Yes Hanming Tu Accenture
Yes Bill Houser Bristol-Myers Squibb

Action Items from previous meeting:

  • Fred Mura will see if he can share their sample SEND data.
    • Fred is working to get access to GitHub
  • Bill Houser received approval from Instem to put their data on GitHub. It has been added.
  • Bill Houser is still working through his internal company the process to share a couple SAS scripts.
  • Kevin Snyder updated his PK scripts to use the SEND dataset in the GitHub repository.
  • Bill Houser updated instructions for new members to get an account.
  • Fred Mura will check academic contacts to see if there is interest in R or SAS programming.
  • Bill Houser will check institutions in southern Indiana - Canceled since they don't specialize in areas where R is likly to be used.
  • Elaine will check looking for Toxicology areas and contact at George Washington University

Notes from this meeting:

  • Adjust team charter if needed. Maybe add something about being a support group for programmers new to R? We added a statement to the project scope and to the Goals. After the meeting Bill supplied this on to Patricia Brundage who will provide this new project request to the Steering Committee.
  • Bob Dorsam will discuss with Sue DeHaven tomorrow about possibly bringing the vendor concerns to the CSS Steering Committtee.
  • Reminder for everyone how to get access to the repository: http://www.phusewiki.org/wiki/index.php?title=GitHub_script_repository_access