July 5, 2017 Minutes

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Team reviewed outline for White Paper for this project together with feedback received thus far.

Will need to submit a proposal to Steering Committee of a more detailed outline for this project.

Link to original New Project Request

Feedback received from Steering Committee

  • Deliverable needs to be nailed down; is it a whitepaper? Can the focus of the first part of the project be nailing down what it is will be delivered and when? When this is complete, please communicate to myself and Wendy and we'll update the SC.
  • Focus and Scope will need to managed carefully - we appreciate that it's a function of the topic but we need to make sure that the deliverables are on point.
  • Vendor influence is potentially concerning. The team must be careful to not recommend any vendor's solution, in such a way as they might financially benefit. The primary focus will be on the solution to the problem
  • Timeline will need redressing (appreciate this is mostly my fault in getting this in front of SC). Can you please address internally and update the SC?
  • Standard Analysis and Code Sharing WG are very interested in this, can you please provide some idea of a communication plan (bimonthly touchbase of leadership team?)

Comments from team:

Orginal scope for this project was Patient Narratives and Patient Profiles.

Potential overlap with other sub-teams could be when do the patient level review? Go from aggregate to detailed level to get patients of interest based on some graphic visualisation and patient points etc.

Need to understand what direction team have been given? Is this a White Paper?

  • Yes. Ultimately team need to produce a deliverable usually in the form of a White Paper
  • Need to come up with a communication plan and timelines
  • Next step - members to look at outline to understand and provide comments which will help with timelines and communication plan

ACTION: WD has created wiki page but needs to update with members. Leads to update with project scope etc
ACTION: WD to send doodle for next meeting (Ongoing)
ACTION: WD to create area in Teamwork and provide an overview on how to use it. (Completed)

Link to abstract and feedback Link to Fit for Use Pilot - awaiting copy