July 28, 2017 Minutes

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Attendees: Heather, Mike, Wendy, Eric, Bhaska, Paul

Apologies: Jasmine, Mitch

Wendy provided an overview of 'how to use teamwork'. This will the the teams project space for collaborating on this project. Minutes, agendas, actions, files, etc etc will be uploaded here.

ACTION: Team to update the WIKI page with project scope and timelines Team discussions focused on defining the scope, the type of deliverables and the reviewing of information already available (i.e. Transcelerate)

Review of Information

  • ACTION: Team to look at the information out there and to bring some thoughts back to the team meeting with a view to finalising by END OF SEPT

Define Scope

When could we narrow this down and produce a good statement?

  • ACTION: Look to complete this by MID SEPT

Type of Deliverable

Would we want to commit to doing a prototype? Would the official deliverable be a White Paper and include some screen shots of an actual working Prototype. Is this feasible? Do we want to go ahead and plan into next year if we were to carry out this work?

  • ACTION: Look to complete by MID OCT

Prototype completed by Q2 2018

We do have the possibilities of collaborations with the ASA Safety Group. When we have a definition of scope we should reach out the ASA to see if they have anything they wish to contribute.
New Project Request

  • ACTION: Need to finalise this for this project by END OCT

Next Meeting

  • Discuss Transcelerate
  • Mitch to share some findings during next call