July 24th 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Ashish, Bharath, Eric, Heather, Ingeborg, Eunice, Susan, Hari, Steve, Rinki, Paul

Apologies: Arlene, Melissa, Zac, Dragomir


  • Ashish Kumar - new member

Works within the technical solutions team looking into data collection, data science we have a few tools that we are utilizing right now. Has previously worked within metadata looking into some intergrations

Project updates

  • Data Anomaly
    • Speaker meetings taking place within the DV all team meetings commencing August 14th.
  • Subject Level Data Review
    • Close to finalising survey questions
    • We will look to send these out to the wider DV team
    • We may need to consolidate the questions to get a high response
  • Interactive analyses for Interactive Analyses
    • In discussion with Paul with regards to R shiny app
    • Have created a R shiny app which Sharon will look to share with the team next week


  • EU Connect - Frankfurt - Early Bird reg closes July 27th
  • US Connect - C4P Deadline - 31st August