January 4, 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Karnika, Mike, Ingeborg, Eric, Rebeka



  • Outline for White paper
    • Put out writing assignments and divide up the outline
    • Eric will contribute to the writing
  • Review Survey - 19 responses so far do we want to put this to the wider PhUSE community?
    • Keep the survey open and move forward with writing the survey with the responses that we have
    • Summarise the survey results to send out to the team and distribute tasks
    • Flesh out the outline based on the survey and merge the teams responses together
    • Nominate two poster authors
  • Next meeting to be scheduled
    • Thursday 11th at 2pm (GMT)
    • Move writing meetings to weekly


  • LW - Put together responses and send out to the team
  • Have a final outline by next Thursday to start writing
  • LW to send out weekly meetings for writers