January 23rd 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Mike, Mellisa, Bharath, Heather, Jasmine, Rebeka, Karnika, Rinki, Hari

Apologies: Eric, Ingeborg,


  • Welcome back Melissa
    • Senior engagement consultant at Medidata
    • Will be back co leading with Mike
  • CSS Planning
    • Breakout Sessions
    • Led mostly by Mike
    • Use of Data Visualisation for Data Anomaly - TBC (Organise speakers for the calls) (Heather to attend CSS)
    • Mary Nillson Standards group co cross collaboration (Working on a white paper which will also be presented at CSS)
    • All three sub teams to run a session
  • Accepted Posters for CSS
  • Data Visualization Working Group Subject Level Data Review & Visualization
  • Accepted Posters for Connect
    • TBC 26th January
  • AOB:
  • Early Bird Registration for CSS, Silver Springs, MD ends on Friday, January 26
  • Agenda from Zack Skrivaneck and Sharon Wang for the Group #1 Meeting on Wednesday, January 24.
    • Proposing to the FDA
    • Strategy and tactics for providing interactive analysis to FDA (Zak)
    • OSI listing test-run – a priori technology assessment (Zak)
    • Open discussion re: 2018-2019 goals (Sharon)
  • PhUSE US Connect Meeting , Raleigh, NC, June 3-6
    • Early Bird Discount ends April 1st
  • Paul Schuette has a poster at CSS on FDA
  • 5-7 Posters from FDA all topics the DV team would benefit from

Actions All - Teams to work on timings and titles for CSS Breakout sessions