January 18, 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Ingeborg, Jasmine, Eric,

Apologies: Rebeka, Mellisa


  • Review uploaded drafts
    • Jasmin has been working on Technologies
    • Briefly summarised the results from question 1 and 2
    • SAS JMP would be better for reviewers
    • Jreview, SAS and JMP all have visualisation capabilities we should show the difference between the three
    • Previous presentations on JumpStart from Lilliam at PhUSE Eric to share these presentations with team
  • Have authors speak a little about what they worked on and any gaps in knowledge that need to be addressed
  • Consolidating drafts
    • Eric to consolidate the documents and share with the team
  • Set next steps
  • Recruiting readers and writers (if needed)


  • Ingeborg to upload Jasmine's version of the paper
  • Eric to consolidate the drafts and share with the team