Interorganizational SEND Minutes 2015-02-17

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Participant Attended
Audrey Walker, Charles River Laboratory
Brian Argo , MPI Research
Carolyn McGary, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Christy Kubin, MPI Research x
Connie Marvel, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Daniel Potenta, Novartis
Debra Oetzman, Covance
Eric Sun, Sanofi
George Kahlbaugh, Boehringer-Ingelheim
Geoff Ganem, Genentech
Gerard Randolph, Roche x
Heather Williamson, PointCross
Jamie Megna, MPI Research
Jared Slain, MPI Research
Jeff Foy, Celgene
Jennifer Feldmann, Instem
Kathryn Brown, Sanofi x
Kathy Powers, Pfizer
Kenjie Amemiya, Genentech
Kevin Trimm, Charles River Laboratory
Laura Kaufman, Preclinical Data Systems
Lou Ann Kramer, Eli Lilly x
Louis Norton, Covance
Lynda Sands, GlaxoSmithKline
Maureen Rossi, Roche
Nancy Gongliewski, Novartis
Pam Hills-Perry, Pfizer
Paul Sidney, Charles River Laboratory
Peggy Zorn, INDS
Pranav Agnihotri, PointCross
Rich Buchanan, Preclinical Data Systems x
Rihab Kordane, Charles River Laboratory x
Shree Nath, PointCross
Steven Denham, MPI Research x
Susan DeHaven, Sanofi
Troy Smyrnios, Zoetis
Wayne Kung, Genentech
William Houser, Bristol-Myers Squibb x

Discussed Feb 17, 2015

  • Poster for PC template is drafted and everyone said it looks great. Bill will submit this.
  • Rich is preparing the poster on the survey and expects to have a draft tomorrow.
  • Before the meeting, Lynda offered to print the posters and bring them to the meeting. Everyone agreed to this. Thanks Lynda!
  • Topics for CSS meeting (Bill will forward to the organizing group):
  • What is done to ensure consistency between study report and datasets?
  • Would it be acceptable to supply pooled PP results with a separate record for each subject linked with PPGRPID instead of creating POOLs?
  • The consensus was
  • Could be misleading since it is possible for PP results like AUC to be computed from a single animal.
  • Should be explained in the study data reviewer's guide.
  • Probably acceptable for now, but might not be in the future; so, it would be best to try to get the software enhanced before SEND is required in submissions.
  • Planning to go to CSS:
  • George - was trying to get approval to attend.
  • Bill
  • Gerard
  • Maureen
  • Debora
  • Kathy Brown
  • Susan DeHaven
  • Rich
  • Laura
  • Lou Ann
  • Schedule for CSS
  • Poster Proposal Submission January 16th -done
  • Acceptance Notification January 28th -done
  • Acceptance to Present January 30th -done
  • Author Registration January 30th -done
  • Synopsis February 6th -done
  • Poster Draft February 20th
  • Poster Final March 2nd