Integrated SDTM and ADaM Reviewer's Guide

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Project Overview

The cSDRG and ADRG apply to a single study. Sponsors have used these templates when creating a reviewer’s guide for integrated SDTM and a reviewer’s guide for integrated ADaM data. The template has to be changed in order to document the information for multiple studies. There is an opportunity to create a template for integrated SDTM and integrated ADaM. The project team will determine if this can be accomplished in one reviewer’s guide or if there should be two separate reviewer’s guides. Deliverables include a template, completion guidelines, and example documents.

Project Leads

Kiran Kundarapu Project Lead Merck
Satheesh Avvaru Project Lead MaxisIT/PPD
Wendy Dobson PHUSE Project Manager PHUSE

Project Members

Susheel Arkala Participant MMS Holdings
Jian Huang Participant Celgene
Janet Low Participant Merck
Madhusudhan Papasani Participant Merck
Vanitha Dareedy Participant Gilead
Vishnu Kollisetti Participant PPD
Sameer Saxena Participant Bayer
Imran Syed Participant Bayer
Kapila Patel Participant Syneoshealth
Mithun Ranga Participant Independent
Lokesh Usher Participant Independent
Kala Chandra Participant VitaDataScience
Sapan Patel Participant Merck
Raghava Regulla Participant Bayer
Yaling Teng Participant Amgen
Tanvi Gupta Participant PPD
Krishna Varkur Participant PPD
Srinivas Kovvuri Participant Covance
Shyamprasad Samisetti Participant Merck
Randi McFarland Participant IconPLC
Carey Smoak Participant S-Cubed
Hanne Ellehoj Participant Lundbeck
Yu (Ella) Cheng Participant JNJ
Pranab Mitra Participant Merck
Sunil Gupta Participant Industry
Anita Baniya Participant PPDI
Shitanshi Mehta Participant Industry
Swathi Kotla Participant Industry
Sandy VanPelt Participant Industry
Aurora Liao Participant Industry

Project Updates

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Objectives and Timelines

List proposed project deliverables and timelines.

Kick Off Meeting July 2019
Draft Reviewer's Guide(s) Template November 2019
Public Review January 2020
Publish Deliverables February 2020

Project Activities

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