IEEE Meeting Minutes 20/10/17

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IEEE- Maria

  • IEEE standard is globally used
  • Looking at technologies in healthcare, Pharma, energy, agriculture
  • Bring together all stakeholders to work together with BlockChain to start talking about the problems how are they going to operate with
  • IEEE work with sponsors, regulars, academics
  • Just been approved for Supply Chain and Clinical Trials Technology and Limitations

5 work streams working within Blockchain

  • Food safety and agriculture in Blockchain
  • Pharmaceutical supply chain in Blockchain
  • Clinical trials in Blockchain
  • Medical devices in Blockchain
  • Smart contracts


  • Model in clinical trials working with Pfizer to build an incubator program with ten different pharmaceutical companies to start doing a proof of concept (using a BlockChain application for clinical trials)
  • Pfizer has a program called data donation program their aim is to give back the data to the patient when they have participated in clinical trials
  • Hoping to bring in bigger pharmaceutical companies and develop a public Blockchain

November 1st Workshop in Cambridge Boston (Pfizer office)

  • To show what the technology can do if it is done right and look at building a prototype
  • Aim is to see if the pharmaceutical executives would start using the incubator programme
  • Publish a Whitepaper about the group discussion on Clinical trials and the barriers

12th February in Orlando (Full day conference)

  • Looking at Blockchain to start educating the clinical executives so that they can start to think about what patient engagement would look like on a Blockchain
  • Building a knowledge share with Pfizer for the meeting in November - Maria will share with the team