HashedHealth Meeting Minutes 20/10/17

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Philip and Kenneth

  • Blockchain is a data structure
  • What are the steps you go through to get people to interact in the Blockchain?
  • Think about transactions to look at
  • Develop requirements around the transactions and then start backing a protocol
  • Send as much time as developing the protocol that will work with the use case
  • Aiming to have Physician data which allows all to interact on the BlockChain
  • Physician licensing data states are protective on how they grant as they want to have control of their data to control who practices in their state
  • Blockchain can help to get rid of paper which speeds up the process and cuts costs
  • Golden record – Backbone of everything that runs through patient history and how that goes along with PCT care pre-op all the way through to post-op

Patient feedback

  • Aji- What are you hoping to impact?

  • Philip - Giving patients access reducing the boarders between states to help them interact with patients
  • There will be no consumer interaction with Blockchain it will speed everything up
  • But for the patient and average consumer they will not see Blockchain, it will benefit them just by operating