Hackathon notes 20130626

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Mike Carniello, Crystal Allard, Arthur Collins, Jean-Marc Ferran


Mike - Takeda

Art - BiogenIdec

Jean-Marc - consultant

Crystal - CDER/Office of Computational Science (Project Manager, PhUSE-related stuff)

1. Do we keep the name as PUSH: PhUSE (Users) Script Hackathon ?

Art: CodeAthon? Is "hack" appropriate - sort of a bad connatation?

Mike: Thinking of a name/brand to publicize?

Jean-March: good to have a name. Short and pronouncable in any language.

2. What is the definition of success? Of failure?

3. When is the event? Before the meeting? After?

Day before is a Sunday - is that a problem? Or is it a good time because people will arrive on Sunday. But in 2014, there will be a session on Sunday evening. Or: a two-day event in parallel to other streams? A one-day event may not offer enough time. Maybe a good idea because it draws different people/attendees. People come out of meeting w/ a lot of enthusiasm - harnessing the enthusiasm is a good idea. Doing it separately might be good, but there would be travel issues. It should be tied to the main meeting somehow. If in parallel, could be logistically organized with main event.

Idea:completely in parallel to the regular PhUSE/CSS event - another stream in parallel to the others. But focused on getting the code out during the conference. Another workstream . Some worry about what PhUSE might think about this?

Action: Crystal will talk w/Chris Decker at PhUSE about this idea of a separate worksteam.

4. Can we make it virtual?

For the first meeting, that may be too much pressure to try. Over the year, of course, it's virtual work. Agreement on this. We can still take good notes on the Wiki and those are immediately published. Also, don't know how to do this technically.

5. How many people?

6. How can we get laptops with SAS? w/R?

Art put a message into Learning Tree sales rep - no big response yet. Crystal: at other hackathons, you bring your own laptop w/your own software. Then you break it up by that. Organize it so that we know what people are coming with. Set up a shared server - shared test area. How can we use company laptops for this effort?

Action: Mike to cold call Hackathon leaders to solicit advice.

HHS is sponsoring a Datapalooza.

Action: Crystal to look for organizer and ask for advice.

7. What are the script target outputs? 8. What are the script inputs?

FDA has a safety summary document with shells; UCM072974. Also, white papers from the WG. We need to provide more for the day. Clear guidance, don't waste time figuring out details which could be identified before. CDISC pilot as a source?

9. How to match participants with targets?

Decide who's there on that day. As long as we have well-defined outputs and inputs, can hand out on that day.

10. Is there any competitive element?

11. Can we do a dry run? When?

12. Can we write a tight paragraph to sell the thing?

13. How can we get world-wide participation?

... have someone really start looking into what table shells are available. Same for input data.

Action: Jean-Marc will lead the effort to identify table shell targets and associated test data.

Set up recurring meeting - maybe monthly to start? Then more frequently.

Action: Mike to set up next meeting for late July.

Action: Art to look into hardware/laptop/server use for the event. Also, maybe do a survey from Standard Scripts group.