HHS codeathon notes 20130717

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Notes from a conversation among Crystal Allard, Greg Dowling (HHS) and Mike Carniello

• Incentive/prizes, etc? competitive aspect, virtual competition

• Use of federal money and authority to do this via America Competes Act which allows gov’t money to be used – ***Crystal to check into this

• Outreach to coders: Greg can help us reach out the larger coding community

• Note: speak to CDISC? Include them?

• Code-a-thon: create a virtual sandbox – RE: Github

• Consider a Cloud solution

• Health data consortium – SAS virtual space available? *** Greg will speak with SAS to see if they’re amenable

  • Record the session in March 2014 - playable back to those who can't attend
  • Consider the March 2014 session as a kickstart to the competition, then conduct it virtually throughout the year (or time period)

Mike's perspectives from the conversation:

  • follow up on cloud computing - perhaps a way, then, for participants to use their own laptops and a generic internet connection, then connect to some cloud environment to access data, write and execute scripts, then save scripts down on the google code site. This can be tested and prototyped out this summer/fall.
  • can't forget the incentive piece - sounds like a proven way to get people going
  • also relook at github components - idea: place key input setup stuff and key output stuff on github - something that scripters could access as needed components to their work