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This page describes the scope and remit of the Steering Board for Good Programming Practices in health and life sciences (See Good Programming Practice for more information on GPP)

GPP Discussion Club at PhUSE 2012

See preliminary notes on PhUSE 2012 here Discussion Club: Good Programming Practice Budapest 2012


  1. To promote, develop and share Good Programming Practice within Healthcare and Life Sciences software development
  2. To develop formal guidelines for Good Programming Practice that can be used for
  • A basis for code development and code reviews within Healthcare programming
  • Supporting development (providing standards for development) of central code repositories ​
  • A standard for exchange of code between organisations (Contracted code or between Sponsors and regulators)
  1. Maintain awareness of GPP in the programming community.


  1. Present and promote GPP work at conferences
  2. Drive discussion of 4 GPP topics this year through discussion forums etc. in order to raise awareness of GPP and to improve available documentation of GPP
  3. Establish the GPP board as an active and integral group on the PhUSE Wiki
  4. Maintain an active team of about 10 members


  • Study on Good Programming Practices

A lot of organisations have GPP guidelines and many programmers promote them, but what happens in practice? We are developing a study to find out to what extent GPP is used and if any specific guidelines have more importance than others. Study on Good Programming Practices in Health and Life Sciences [1]

  • Conference presentations


  • PhUSE 2009 [Industry Standard Good Programming Practice for Clinical Trials

(Using SAS)

  • Pharmasug 2011 [ Good Programming Practices in Healthcare Creating Robust Programs [2]]

Steering Board Members

Mark Foxwell Chair, PRA, UK
Shafi Chowdhury Shafi Consultancy
Beate Hientzsch HMS analytical, Germany
Maria Dalton GSK, US
Gayathri Kolandaivelu Janssen R&D (J&J), US
Jane Marrer MSD, US
Ninan Luke Pfizer, India


Recent meeting minutes stored outside Wiki. GPP07SEP2012 GPP20150730

If you wish to know more about the editorial board or get involved then please e-mail