General Discussion and More PhUSE Web Design Work

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When: 09:00 EDT , 18May2018
Place: GoTo Meeting
Facilitator: Wendy Dobson and Jared Slain
Scribe: Jared Slain
Attendance: Wendy Dobson, Jared Slain, Mary Nillson, Susan Duke, Hanming Tu
Agenda: General Discussion and More PhUSE Web Design Work

PhUSE Web Design

  • Reviewed updates that Wendy has been making to PhUSE wiki
  • Worked together on additional updates to deliverables catalog.
  • Still need to figure out a good way to group deliverables together by topic and working group while keeping clicks to a minimum
  • Added upcoming presentations to PhUSE wiki CPE page: WHODrug and MWSUG


  • Miscommunication within FDA: latest version of the CRT completed in 2017
  • Our WG's comments will not be incorporated
  • Nhi is trying to work with the FDA to get the latest CRT made public like previous ones

Journal Article

  • Remains a priority
  • Still need to identify journal(s) (DIA/Drug Information Journal?), topic(s) (one analysis article and one code article?), and lead authors
  • Susan can provide valuable input here (she had to leave the meeting early, before this topic came up)

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