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Project Overview

Project Scope

Since its inception the mission of PhUSE has been to provide the industry with an exceptional and innovative platform for creating and sharing ideas, tools and standards about data and reporting technologies. One of the ideas debated and approved at a PhUSE Board meeting was to organise a thought leader Future Forum. The purpose of this Forum is to explore the vision and, in turn, develop the key themes for the future of clinical development and data science. It will also explore possibilities to further support the FDA initiatives (CSS) and to start expanding this support to both the EMA and PMDA.
Interoperability and Technology project is a combination of two working group projects given their close overlap.

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Paul Vervuren Project Lead Nutricia Research paul.vervuren@danone.com
Chris Barden Co-Lead Kayentis cbarden@kayentis.com

Project Members

Name Organisation

Project Updates

Interoperabillity & Technology are looking to produce a White Paper. They have also hosted a Single Day Event (SDE) in Utrecht, Netherlands 16th February 2017. To catch up on all the activities of the event visit our PhUSE website where you will find all the presentations.

Objectives and Timelines

List proposed project deliverables and timelines.

  • Establish a committee with the purpose to govern the activities of PhUSE around this topic
  • Engage established professional working groups with an interest in interoperability
  • Work closely with the technology group to identify interoperability issues within their objectives
  • Create an understanding of what systems are within the scope, then to priorities.

Project Activities

Future Forum Interoperability

Meeting Minutes

Objective Timeline