Focus on Repository Front Door

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When: 08:00, 07Sep2018
Place: GoTo Meeting
Facilitator: Wendy Dobson and Jared Slain
Scribe: Jared Slain
Attendance: Wendy Dobson, Jared Slain, Mary Nillson, Mat Soukup
Agenda: Focus on Repository Front Door

Review last meeting's minutes

  • Change in date/time for FDA presentation, Wendy will be able to attend half of it now

General discussion

  • We talked about relative prioritization of projects: journal article and CSS half day presentations are not the highest priority for the coming year
  • Basic GitHub interface that gives explanations and links to various indexes/TOCs is highly important

Action Items

  • Jared: Work on plan and code for GitHub front end
  • Wendy: Continue keeping wiki up to date
  • Mary: Continue work on educational videos

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