February 13th 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Elena, Eric, Hari, Ingeborg, Jasmine, Kishore, Melissa, Sid, Mike

Apologies: Zak, Sharon


  • Introduce new members Kishore Pothuri and Siddartha Kondapally
    • Kishore - Senior Programmer
    • Sid - Clinical Programmer
  • Project updates
    • Full presentation on the three sub teams
    • sub team 3
    • Had a meeting with FDA
  • Sub team 2
    • Looking at patient narratives
    • Presenting a poster at CSS
    • May look into producing a White Paper
  • Sub team 3
    • Getting off the ground looking into project goals
    • All three projects are in different stages of progress
  • Sub teams - new topics which we can start brainstorming at CSS
    • New topics which Data Visualisation team could work on
    • Have a brainstorming session at CSS
  • Co cross collaboration with Standard Analyses Working Group at CSS on Tuesday 6th at 8:30-9:30
    • Collaboration between sub teams with the Standards Analyses group
    • Topics of conversation (areas that each project may be able to collaborate with Standard Analysis team e.g standards and code development)
    • Sub teams to start thinking about this within the breakout meetings to bring to the collaborate meeting
  • Guest speakers
    • Any contacts to reach out to Mike and Mellisa to set up a call
    • Duke clinical research - Jasmine to reach out
  • Any private projects the team would like to share with the team send to Mike and Mellisa


Members to attend CSS Eric, Mike, Mellisa, Ingeborg,