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This wiki is available to document the progress of the PhUSE Working Groups and Projects. The wiki enables quick, easy and transparent online collaboration. Working Groups each have a main page which is the starting page for all Working Group activity.

If you are new to wikis you might want to check out the help section. To get started click on your Working Group on the left hand side bar.

For instructions on how to subscribe to the Working Group/Project email wendy@phuse.eu

The Working Groups are governed by the Computational Science Steering Committee which provides oversight to the Working Groups.

Useful Information for Projects

With nearly 60 active projects within PhUSE, now is a great time to get involved. If you are interested in joining a project, please contact workinggroups@phuse.eu.


Topic Overview Useful Links
Working Groups Charter Defining the operating guidelines for PhUSE Working Group members Charter
Teamwork Teamwork is the collaboration tool used for our Projects and is available to project members. Once you have joined a project, you'll be granted access and once you've set up your account, you can then review the materials the projects produce Teamwork
Process Map PhUSE Standard Operating Procedure for Version Control of PhUSE Deliverables. Each project will produce a deliverable in some form, this flow chart and process will assist you in seeking approval for public review and ultimately finalisation. If you have any queries, please reach out to your Working Group Lead or Wendy@phuse.eu.
flow diagram
Working Practices Step by Step guide Working Practice Procedure
New Project Requests Do you have an idea for a PhUSE Project? Then complete this New Project Request Template and send to wendy@phuse.eu New Project Request
Giving a PhUSE Project presentation Working Groups Powerpoint Presentation Template Link
Giving a PhUSE Presentation Presenting at one of our conferences? This is the standard PhUSE Powerpoint Template Link
White Papers Template Is your projects deliverable a White Paper? PhUSE has produced a White Paper Template to assist in the creation link
PhUSE Deliverables All of the final PhUSE projects deliverables can be found on the PhUSE Website CS Catalog of Deliverables on www.phuse.eu
Creating a Wiki Page The link will send you to a template for creating a new Wiki page. You can highlight the content and paste into your new page link
Want to volunteer? We have new projects that are looking for volunteers. If you would like to join one of these projects, please contact Wendy@phuse.eu Call for Volunteers
Webinar Wednesday To view the agenda and register for the upcoming Webinar Wednesday visit the PhUSE Website Webinar Wednesday Registration
Key Conference Dates Planning a deliverable for one of the PhUSE conferences? Want to know when registration closes? Visit the PhUSE website US Connect Key Dates - CSS Key Dates TBA


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