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Week 1


  • Review the CDASH 1.1 Standard Document and Users Guide and pull out concepts that we want to have as attributes for the CDASH Ontology (Duration 2 weeks)
    • Not going to include CDASH 1.0

Week 2


  • Listen to Laura talk on her experiences with the CDASH model
  • High level discussion on source control
  • Discussion of linking standards CDASH -> SDTM

Week 3


  • Meet together and whittle the list to a common, unique set of concepts (Duration 1 meeting). Push to PhUSEWiki
  • Review the current meta-model-schema to determine what might need to be added

Week 4


  • Define the CDASH-1-1-schema using decisions from previous

Week 5


  • Produce Template Sheet (in Google Docs) with the defined attributes as column headers.
  • Create one Tab per CDASH Domain
  • Create one row per CDASH variable