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(Current Projects)
(Current Projects)
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'''[[Semantic_Technology|Semantic Technology]]'''
'''[[Semantic_Technology|Semantic Technology]]'''
Semantic Technologies Project: [[File:ET-project-Template Semantic Technologies.doc]]
Semantic Technologies Project: [[File:ET-project-Template Semantic Technologies.doc]]<br />
'''[[Metadata Management]]'''<br />
'''[[Metadata Management - Call for Participation]]'''
'''[[Metadata Management - Call for Participation]]'''

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Research, development, and adoption of innovative, but not widely adopted, tools and technologies for leveraging and enhancing the value of healthcare and clinical data. This can include use of existing or immature technologies in innovative ways.

Working Group Overview

New challenges in regulatory science and drug, biologic, and device development provide new opportunities for recognizing and leveraging emerging technologies and computational tools. In recognition of this need, The FDA/PhUSE Computational Science Symposium (CSS) will use the March, 2013 meeting as an opportunity to “launch” a new working group that provides a forum for determining interest in specific computational science topics, tools, technologies, and approaches.

This emerging technologies working group will be an open, transparent forum for sharing pre-competitive means of applying new technologies and is being challenged with creation of well-defined collaborative projects that will describe, prioritize, assess, and assist advancement of these opportunities. Possible topics include (but are not limited to) semantic web applications, analysis metadata, modeling, simulation, and “The Cloud”. Projects incorporating these topics might include prioritization, development, and piloting for feasibility and value.

Leadership Team

Name Role Organization E-mail
Isabelle de Zegher Industry Co-lead Parexel Isabelle.deZegher (at) parexel.com
Matteo Ditommaso Industry Co-lead Pfizer Matteo.Ditommaso (at) pfizer.com
Lilliam Rosario Steering Committee Liaison FDA Lilliam.Rosario (at) fda.hhs.gov
Crystal Allard Group Coordinator FDA Crystal.Allard (at) fda.hhs.gov
Steve Wilson FDA Co-Lead FDA Stephen.Wilson (at) fda.hhs.gov

Current Projects

Semantic Technology

Semantic Technologies Project: File:ET-project-Template Semantic Technologies.doc

Metadata Management

Metadata Management - Call for Participation

Metadata Definition Project: File:ET-project-template-metadata-definitions.doc

Metadata Management Project: File:ET-project-Template - User Guide for E2E meta data management.doc

Other Possible Projects

We had a few other possible projects discussed which just need participants and champions

CSV and multi-tenant cloud solutions

Project request can be found here: File:Emerging-tech-cloud.ppt

Impact of Emerging “Big Data” Sources on Clinical Research and Review

Project request can be found here: File:ET-project-Template-BigData.doc

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