Educating For The Future Team Meeting 11.12.17

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Meeting Minutes

When: 11th December 2017
Attendance: Ian, Jim, Wendy, Adie, AJ, Crystal, Dante, Guy, Jen, Kevin, Jacques, Kris, Mary, Nicolas, Paul Schuette, Paul Slagle

Background & Expectations:

Educating For the Future was formed at CSS Silver Spring March 2017. This was derived from conversations about potential projects within the well established Emerging Trends & Technologies Working Group. As discussions progressed it was felt there were enough topics that fall under Educating, that the Steering Committee agreed to launch a brand new Working Group.

The scope of this Working Group is to educate the PhUSE community and not for the members of this project to be educated. We are looking to develop knowledge repositories so others can self educate. We have tools that will allow us to communicate our findings such as Wiki, Website, Mailshots, Social media etc.

Expectations from project members is to primarily have general knowledge about the agreed topics, look to build a framework, internet searches, be the curator, handle the communications, set up repositories.

Team confirmed 3 initial topics to focus on initially.

Data Science
Need to clarify how we reached the current situation
As a concept, this direction is interesting
Focused on languages
Big Data
Understand what we need to change and how to make use of these technical skills
What we do in clinical trial settings, programming, statistics and data
Need to consolidate into an accessible form, curate and publish
FDA published Statistical Software Clarifying Statement

Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence
This is coming. Investment is huge
How will it impact us
What does the average user need to know about AI / ML
What is there from an end user view
Understand the capabilities of ML
Create blog, newsletter, webinar on quarterly basis
Keep current and real

Update: Kevin Lee (US) & Nicola Dupris (EU) have put themselves forward to project lead this topic.
Action: IF to reach out and confirm expectations

Design Thinking
Ingrained processes
How does innovation within a system come about
Many different components / elements
Low tolerance to risk / failure
Ideas to be flexible
Establish techniques to drive better outcomes
Suggest use cases for the industry / Crystal can help put forward some examples
Circular design

Action:IF to reach out to Crystal to see if interested in leading this topic

ALL: Require Project Leads. Members to reach out to Ian, Jim or Wendy confirming if you are able to project lead and which topic. Deadline 12th January 2018
WD: Team to meet 3rd / 4th week January. WD to send out doodle. Confirmed
IF: to follow up with Mary and Guy off line re discussions put forward about potential other topics


Hoping to run a breakout session at CSS Silver Spring, March 2018 (depending on numbers). Would like to know who within this team is attending. Here's the link to the event. Discuss next meeting.

Analyses and Displays White Paper Team. Want to create e-modules around safety analytics. Mary and Ian to discuss off line to see where best sits.

Guy - Could collate some information around Conformed Data Model and share with the team.