Early 2018, Something Big Deliverables

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When: 09:00 EST, 24Jan2018
Place: Webinar
Facilitators: Jared Slain and Wendy Dobson
Scribe: Jared Slain
Attendance: Jared Slain, Wendy Dobson, Mary Nilsson, Hanming Tu
Absent: Mat Soukup
Agenda: Quick wins for early 2018, Talk about first 1 hr webinar/training presentation


  • "Study-size Adjusted Percentages" PhUSETube video going viral, most watched video on PhUSETube - 111 hits so far
  • Jared to cover Whitepapers project poster at US Annual Connect if no other presenter can be found
  • CPE Posters accepted at US CSS and US Annual Connect

Next PhUSETube Video

3 possible topics, all related to Safety Analytics

  1. Study selection for pooling (e.g., ensure all studies have Placebo & Test Article)
  2. Confidence Intervals and P-values for drug safety studies
  3. Definition of "After Dose" monitoring period (e.g., how long after the last dose should observations be considered TA-related?)


  • Uploaded by CSS

Possible Presenters

  1. Brenda Crowe
  2. Mat Soukup
  3. Nhi Beasley
  4. Charles Beasley
  5. Jesse Berlin

Additional "Something "Big" Discussion

  • TEDx-style presentation at CSS 2019 (recorded and uploaded to PhUSE-tube for posterity)?
  • Produce interactive e-learning modules?

Action Items

Jared: CSS Draft Poster Due 2/2; Final Due 2/16; Draft slides for next PhUSETube video due 2/2; Talk to Mike King about Interactive Video capabilities due next CPE meeting
Mary: Find presenter for next video
Wendy: Slides for CPE presentation at CSS Due 2/2; Keep PhUSEwiki updated (ongoing)

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