December 12th 2017 Minutes

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Attendees: Mike, Eric, Lauren, Jasmine, Arlene, Bharath, Karnika, Srinivas, Arlene, Paul

Apologies: Sharon, Zach, Hari


Project updates-

Team 2

  • Draft of White paper will be circulated in the new year
  • Eric and Jasmine have been working on a survey
  • Eric - Reviewing the current White paper and abstract
  • Bringing in feedback from Armando as they have worked on patient narratives
  • Focusing on three aspects of patient profiles
    • Tabular patient profiles
    • Patient Narratives
  • Verify what the FDA are using for selected studies (Jump?)
  • Jasmine set out survey to Data visualisation group will use this to update new version of survey
  • Michael Johnson and Kassa Ayalew from the FDA that we could send the survey to

Team 3

  • Attempting to put together a draft for a White paper (Possibly for CSS)

CSS Breakout Sessions

  • To be confirmed

Team 1 update


LW - To work with Eric and Jasmine on creating survey (Send out before Christmas and use the first week of Jan) Leads - To keep a list of who is attending CSS LW - Set up 2018 meetings (2nd and 4th Tuesday)