Data Standards for Non-Interventional Studies

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Project Overview

Currently there are no strict standards and guidelines for non-interventional studies. In this project we would like to study the challenges that programmers face during creation of the analysis datasets and handling of the data for the non-interventional studies. The plan is to network with the programmers who have experience in non-interventional studies and summarise the most frequent issues they have faced. The next step would be to discuss and optimise the ways they can be resolved from programming and data handling perspectives. Also data transparency should be taken into account in the discussion of dataset creation. If possible CDISC experts should be involved in the project in order to provide guidance. The results are to be presented in the form of a White Paper.

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Yuliia Bahatska Project Lead Roche
Vladlen Ivanushkin Project Lead DataFocus
Wendy Dobson PHUSE Project Manager PHUSE

Project Team Members

Name Role Organization E-mail
Alex Nasr Participant AbbVie
Karen Horton Participant Clinical Outcomes Solutions
Renate Kroll Participant Bayer
Igor Savostianov Participant Independent
Jeremy Teoh Participant Independent
Lovi Sandhu Participant Common Inf
Murali Neela Participant GCESolutions
Joe Maskell Participant Amgen
Sarah Marsall Participant Amgen
Sanjeev Kommera Participant Blue Bird Bio
Pavan Tirunahari Participant Syneoshealth
Tomoko Sugihara Participant Syneoshealth
Jon Neville Participant CDISC
Janet Reich Participant Amgen
Yogesh Pande Participant Merck
Sarad Nepal Participant Merck
Sangeeta Sama Participant Merck
Jorge Abate Participant RDP
Dorothy Diamini Participant Bayer
Matthew Harrington Participant Pinnacle21
Tanvi Gupta Participant Bayer

Project Updates

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Objectives and Timelines

In co-operation with other programmers who have experience in non-interventional studies determine potential challenges 01-Oct-2018
Describe most common data handling issues and ways of resolving 01-Aug-2019
Determine whether existing ADaM concept can satisfy the purpose 01-Oct-2019
If not suggest a solution for each of such cases 01-Dec-2019
Determine how data transparency can be maintained 01-Dec-2019
Create a White Paper describing the findings and solutions based on the information collected during the execution of the phases listed above 01-Feb-2020

Project Activities

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