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Project Overview

According to Google Trends, the word “Data Science” is currently at a peak interest for worldwide searches. Companies like Uber or Amazon have built entire business models using data science methodology. The healthcare sector has also seen new players especially in consumer devices, which increased healthy lifestyles applying advanced analytics methods. Digital medicine outperforms already traditional medicine in terms of yearly growth.

The pharmaceutical industry is also adapting to these new technologies. For example, FDA approved or cleared devices (eg. activity trackers, etc.) are used mainly for exploratory purposes in clinical trials and create huge volumes of data. We can create valuable insights when we connect these new data sources to clinical data and apply Data Science methods like Machine Learning, Deep Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

This project will support people to familiarise with Data Science and all its various branches. We will provide a Data Science training repository, where we will consolidate available training material around topics like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Quantitative and Advanced Analytics. We will also provide use cases of Data Science in the healthcare sector and we will also look into other industries. A learning path for members of our industry will be provided to dive deeper into the topic of Data Science to educate the future.

Project Leads

Name Role Company Email
Sascha Ahrweiler Project Lead Bayer
Aldir Medeiros Filho Project Lead Industry
Wendy Dobson PHUSE Project Manager PHUSE

Project Members

Name Role Company Email
Alexander Ullmann Participant Bayer
Amar Mahidadia Participant Bayer
Arteid Memaj Participant BMS
Chidam Kumar Participant Celgene
Girish Regmi Participant JNJ
Hong Qi Participant Merck
Iraj Mohebalian Participant Bayer
Jaishree Alladi Participant JNJ
Karnika Dalal Participant Bayer
Katina Manley Participant JNJ
Mario Widel Participant Independent
Meenakshi Thakral Participant JNJ
Nicole Thompson Participant Emdserono
Nicole Thorne Participant JNJ
Prasanna Murugesan Participant Independent
Sameer Bamnote Participant Cytel
Shelley Fordred Participant GSK
Sonali Das Participant Novonordisk
Sumesh Kalappurakal Participant JNJ
Walter Cedeno Participant JNJ
Mekhala Acharya Participant Covance
Tad Lewandowski Participant Roche
Surabhi Dutta Participant Industry
Harsh Khanolkar Participant Industry
Ramesh Konduru Participant Covance
Rupali Sonawane Participant Industry
Srinivas Veeragoni Participant Bayer

Project Updates

Currently calling for volunteers: If you wish to support this project, please email

Objectives and Timelines

Objective Timelines
First draft publicly available digital education repository with various Data Science clusters Nov 2019
PhUSE Paper on Educating for the Future Nov 2019
Learning Path for Data Science Dec 2020