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Project Overview

Huge efficiencies have been made in BioPharma companies over the last few decades, notably in the area of data capture (with moving to eCRFs) business process improvements, and data standardisation efforts by CDISC.

However, the sector is increasingly competing on the basis of their analytical capabilities, which requires a centralised, combined, and, as much as possible, automated data environment to support these deeper insights. It is clear that data is R&D needs a major transformation; it is too siloed, fragmented and manually intensive, to be utilised effectively.

This project will explore how established Data Engineering techniques, successfully deployed in other industries, could be utilised in our industry. From traditional data warehousing; to the arrival of the big data lake; with data marketplaces; ePRO and IoT; the challenge is on – to identify analytical value from all of these disparate data sources.

The aims of this project are two-fold. Firstly, to gather the myriad resources available on traditional methods of data engineering, to provide a breadth of knowledge that could immediately bring benefit to our existing clinical data estate. This will be achieved by curating and organising content into an easy-to-use structure (such as Wiki).

Secondly, to prepare us for the “big data tsunami” which is to arrive shortly in our sector, so that we can learn about the more thought-leading subjects in this area and help disseminate and share this information with the Data Science & AI/Machine Learning co-projects – a natural fit for these new types of data analysis – alongside the more tradition methods on the PhUSE Wiki.

Project Leads

Guy Garrett Project Co-Lead Achieve Intelligence
Bev Hayes Project Co-Lead JNJ
Wendy Dobson Project Manager PhUSE

Project Members

Amy Gillespie Participant Merck
Beate Hientzsch Participant HMS
Jagdev Bhogal Participant BCU
Mike Carniello Participant Astellas
Mark Bynens Participant JNJ
Paul Slagle Participant Inventiv Health
Sascha Ahrweiler Participant Bayer
Shaaz Ansari Participant Gene
Vince Marinelli Participant MDSOL
Vijay Pasapula Participant Gilead

Project Updates

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Objectives and Timelines

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Produce papers/Posters for EU Connect|| 01 November 2018
Initialize project & build team 01 Febuary 2018
Pick initial topic areas 01 March 2018
Gather & curate information 01 June 2018

Project Activities

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Meeting Minutes

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