Data De-identification Toolkit

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Project Overview

This project aims at providing practical guidance with regards to implementing data de-identification methods and includes 4 topics:

  • De-Identification Automation & Risk Analysis
  • Data Sharing Processes
  • Anonymization of Imaging Data
  • Handling of Highly Re-identifying Data

Project Leads & Members

Name Role Organization
Jean-Marc Ferran Project Lead Qualiance
Lukasz Kniola Project Lead Biogen

Project Updates

The sub project "De-Identification Automation & Risk Analysis" has been kicked off with the goal to create a process map for dataset anonymisation. This will include all steps, and tasks within each step, required to take a dataset from original to anonymised (risk-assessed) form.

We are looking for project leads for the three other sub projects, Data Sharing Processes, Anonymization of Imaging Data and Handling of Highly Re-identifying Data.

Objectives and Timelines

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