Data De-identification Toolkit

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Project Overview

This project aims at providing practical guidance with regards to implementing data de-identification methods and includes 4 topics:

  • De-Identification Automation & Risk Analysis
  • Data Sharing Processes
  • Anonymization of Imaging Data
  • Handling of Highly Re-identifying Data

Project Leads & Members

Name Role Organization
Jean-Marc Ferran Project Lead Qualiance
Lukasz Kniola Project Lead Biogen

Project Updates

We are looking for project leads for the three other sub projects, Data Sharing Processes, Anonymization of Imaging Data and Handling of Highly Re-identifying Data.

Objectives and Timelines

Project Activities


The sub project "De-Identification Automation & Risk Analysis" has created a process map for dataset anonymisation, including all steps, and tasks within each step, required to take a dataset from original to anonymised (risk-assessed) form. Click here to download the final paper.


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