DRG in XML 20180301 Meeting Minutes

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We made some good progress on the stylesheet today. Below are some remaining action items:

A. Brad mentioned that the XML schema is currently around 60% complete
B. Gerry and team reviewed the recent stylesheet updates and additional feedback was provided
C. Gerry will discuss with Jozef regarding the “text” vs. “media” distinction delineation
D. Jozef to finalize the XML content post discussion w/ Gerry
E. Mike will use the existing PhUSE cSDRG example to populate the XML. This will allow public review to conduct a delta.
F. Mike will continue development of the PhUSE DRG in XML package overview document

If we can target tasks A through D to be complete by our next meeting, which is slated for April 5th, that would be preferable. Once finalized, Mike will work on the remaining items and notify the Optimizing the Use of Data Standards leads prior to this going to the steering committee for public review approval.