DRG in XML 20180201 Meeting Minutes

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Participants: Jozef, Brad, Gerry, Mike

Synopsis: The team reviewed the 3rd draft of the SDRG XML and provided feedback. The stylesheet rendering of the XML has been developed and was similar to the define.xml, which the stylesheet was based off. Team believes that the next set of drafts should complete any remaining outstanding items. Therefore, after the 4th draft, the team will compile a finalized package. This will include the csdrg.xml (and supporting graphics), csdrg.pdf, XML schema, stylesheet, concept map, and supporting documentation. After which, Mike will notify the steering committee for internal review.

Reviewed Files:
• SDRG_prototype_no_NS.xml
• SDRG_prototype.pdf
• sdrg1-0-0.xsl

Next Steps:
• Jozef to conduct remaining XML tweaks
• Gerry to revise the stylesheet
• Brad will work on the XML schema
• Mike will initiate an initial draft of supporting guidance documentation

Next meeting is planned for March 1st.