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This page covers the use of DISQUS, a comment engine that can be attached to pages to allow for discussion in the wiki.

What is DISQUS?

DISQUS is a widely used commenting engine that can be easily tacked on to pages to allow commenting on the page, facilitating user discussion.

Each DISQUS thread is unique to the URL, or web address, so adding DISQUS to one page will create a different thread than one established on another page. The URL is also case-sensitive, meaning that the same page can appear to have distinct threads, if someone capitalizes the URL differently.


Get Started

To begin commenting with DISQUS, you will need to login. There are a couple options for this:

  • (Recommended) If you have or set up a PhUSE Wiki account, it will automatically log you in and allow you to post comments. See the "Logging in with PhUSE Wiki account" section below.
  • In the DISQUS thread itself, it provides a number of means of logging in, such as with facebook, google, twitter, or a DISQUS account. All of this is handled within the page, so you don't need to go to any other site first. See the "Logging in with alternate login methods" section below.

Logging in with PhUSE Wiki account

If you are logged in with a PhUSE Wiki account, you can start commenting right away.

If you do not have a PhUSE Wiki account, click "Create account" in the upper right of this page to create a PhUSE Wiki account (recommended anyway so that you can take part in other wiki activities if you choose). Then, when you go to a page with a DISQUS thread on it, you can start commenting.

Logging in with alternate login methods

If you do not have/want a PhUSE Wiki account and want to login using other means - e.g., with facebook, google, twitter, or an existing DISQUS account, you can do so right from the page with the DISQUS thread (you can even create the account on the spot).

  1. Click in the “Join the discussion…” box to start a new question thread (or click reply on one of the existing threads further below to join in an existing conversation).
  2. Once you click, it shows a number of options – either signing in an existing account (with DISQUS (the D), facebook, twitter, google) or to make a new account on the spot.
    1. SIGN IN WITH (existing account) – click on the icon of the account type with which you want to sign in. It will pop up a window allowing you to log in. Fill out the information and click the Sign in / Ok / Accept / Register / etc. buttons to proceed. Once you do, you will be able to make comments.
    2. REGISTER WITH DISQUS – click in the “Name” box under “OR REGISTER WITH DISQUS”. Fill out the name you want to show up in the comments, a valid email, and a password you want to use. Then hit Enter or press the Arrow button
  3. Either way you chose above to log in, you will be brought back to the original page. You can now start commenting.

Comment or Reply in DISQUS

To start a new discussion thread, click in the "Join the discussion..." box at the top of the DISQUS thread, type your comment, and post.

To reply to someone else's comment, such as when you want to answer a comment or reply to someone's answer, click the Reply button on the post you wish to augment. Doing so in the original comment (instead of the Join the discussion... at the top) will keep the responses tied to the original comment, and preserve the conversation as a single thread.

Subscribe to a Discussion

Click on the Subscribe button at the bottom left of the DISQUS (typically at the bottom left of the page).

Once subscribed, notifications will be sent to your email:

  • If you are logged in with your PhUSE Wiki account (most common), then your wiki profile will automatically connect to the DISQUS, and notifications will be sent to the email associated with your general PhUSE wiki account (click the Preferences in the upper right of the PhUSE Wiki to view/change the associated email).
  • If you not logged in with your PhUSE Wiki account when you make comments and instead log into the DISQUS with some other form (e.g., facebook or a DISQUS account), you can configure your notification options via those profile (e.g., DISQUS accounts are managed here: DISQUS Login Page).

Adding a New DISQUS Commenting Instance to a Wiki Page

DISQUS can be added to a wiki page by simply putting the following at the bottom of the page:


Note that this should be the last item of the page content.


Legacy Browser (<IE8)

Most issues with DISQUS stem from older browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer 7 or below, and some versions of Internet Explorer 8). Using a modern browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, or a newer version of Internet Explorer) will address most issues.

Compatibility Message

In some cases, a message can appear about compatibility mode. Refreshing sometimes works. Toggling compatibility mode in the browser and refreshing also sometimes works. Use of a modern browser definitely works.

Not seeing comments that others see

DISQUS is based on the URL, which is case sensitive. If you see a different discussion thread from everyone else, chances are, it is because you have a different capitalization in your address to the page, usually from hand-typing.

You can get back to the "real" thread in one of two ways:

  • Follow official hyperlinks to the page (to get the right capitalization)
  • Click the Community tab of the DISQUS, and then pick the Discussion with the most comments (usually the wrong one will only have 1 or 2).

Not Getting Notifications

The reasons for not getting notifications of disqus updates can be numerous; below steps go through some of the more common reasons:

  • Check your spam folder; these emails may be getting blocked
  • Check that disqus account even exists
    • Log into disqus.com with your main email (the one that would be in phuse)
  • Email on phuse wiki should match email in disqus account
    • On disqus.com
      • Gear icon > Edit profile
      • Click Account on side
      • Check the email there
    • On Phusewiki.org
      • Click preferences in upper right
      • Email is under Email options section
  • Disqus email notifications should be on
    • On disqus.com
      • Gear icon > Edit profile
      • Click Email Notifications on left
      • Check the boxes that you want
  • Check subscriptions (aka Recommendations)
    • On disqus.com
      • Click your picture in upper right
      • Latest Recommendations on right should contain SEND Implementation Forum
      • If not, go to phusewiki.org and check that you have heart on

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