Codeathon discussion 20130809

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Notes from the discussion with:

Mike Carniello

Chris Decker

Art Collins

  • Mike has working - an environment for processing R code hosted in the repository
  • Chris will introduce Mike to SAS contact about getting a SAS computing environment
  • Coming to a consensus on when to do this:

- at PhUSE/FDA CSS 2014

- Kickoff on Sunday evening

- Monday - Working Groups

- Tuesday - Working Groups plus formal wrap-up

- Codeathon: Tuesday afternoon and evening, plus Wednesday day

  • Virtual particpation? We would like this - complex, but perhaps hard to set up.
  • Logistics - getting sponsorship and facility booked

SAS? Revolution Analytics? Rstudio?

Idea: when CSS exhibitor solicitation is sent, add the opportunity to supply extra $ to sponsor the code event

  • Need Room on Tuesday afternoon and night and lunch on Wednesday -
  • Actions for Chris:

- connect Mike w/Chris Connor at SAS

- Cost estimate of space

  • Rstudio offers virtual solution - add a conference call number, or some skype or wiki page to communicate
  • Selling point - virtual is good for sponsors
  • Action: Mike to send Art an example of on SAS work. Art will test and pass to a colleague for testing.
  • Action: Mike set up time in late August to talk again
  • Action: Mike to contact Wayne Kubick to get ADaM pilot datasets approved to post on to serve as input

Ideas: Communication Platform for Virtual Portion

Logistics - Room and Food

SAS computing environment

Table and Analysis Targets

ADaM dataset inputs

Dry Run