Codeathon 2014 proposal

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FDA/PhUSE Computational Science Symposium

2014 Code-athon Proposal

Standard Scripts Working Group, Subgroup 03; drafted September 12 2013

* When and Where

Monday March 17 2014, 18:00 -> 24:00 (scripting)

Tuesday March 18 2014, 12:00 -> 14:00 (lunch, wrapping up, and presenting summary to whole symposium)

* Who

The first 20 people who sign up as part of the meeting registration process (not including CSS and WG leadership)

* What and Why

The purpose of the workshop is to draft repository-based scripts which can be used by industry, government and academia to meet a specified set of safety tables and listings

* Site Gaps

1. Need a Room with one projector and room for 20 participants

2. Need one very informal evening meal (for example, pizza)

3. Need a good wireless connection

* Technology Gaps

1. Need a SAS cloud computing environment (for example, )

* Content Gaps

1. Need a well-defined set of target safety-related table/listing shells. The source data for the shells should be the ADaM datasets from the CDISC ADaM Pilot. Note that participants can bring their own, non-proprietary shells as well. All shells should be posted in the repository (or Phuse Wiki) two weeks prior to the script-athon.

2. Need to load CDISC ADaM Pilot xpt files into repository

* Participant Preparation

1. Participants must bring a laptop with Chrome/Firefox/Safari browser

2. Participants must have three accounts established:

a. the SAS cloud environment ( )
b. the R cloud environment ( )
c. the repository ( )

3. Participants must be familiar with how to access repository-based datasets, and how to execute repository-based scripts. The details for those topics are located here: Executing_SAS_and_R_Scripts_in_Repository

4. Participants will be contacted by WG members two weeks prior to the symposium to make sure that they are familiar with all the requirements, that their accounts are working, etc. The idea is to make sure that minimal time is spent on setup.

5. At the start of the script-athon, participants will sign up to script particular targets (in groups, or solo, whatever).