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Project Overview


Establish and maintain a collaboration platform for leveraging crowd-sourcing to improve the content and implementation of analyses for medical research and leading to better data interpretations and increased efficiency in the clinical drug development and review processes.


Change from everyone building one's own tools to people collaboratively building shared tools and reusable code library through a collaboration platform.

  • Establish and maintain a publicly available repository for storing program codes to be used as analytical tools for medical research
  • Develop guidance on managing repositories and script metadata for sharing scripts
  • Improve frontend for accessing and searching the repository
  • Review contributed scripts such as FDA scripts
  • Develop scripts based on white papers

Project Leads

Name Role Company Email
Hanming Tu Project Lead Frontage
Gustav Bernard Project Lead Quintiles
Bob Friedman Project Lead Xybion
Wendy Dobson PHUSE Project Manager PHUSE

Project Members

Name Role Company Email
Shuai Wu Participant Prahs
William Wei Participant Merck
Nancy Brucken CDISC Liaison CSG
Jared Slain Participant MPI Research
Valerie Williams Participant ICON plc
Chris Hurley Participant PHUSE
Hal Li Participant Merck
Faheeza Rangunwala Participant GCE Solutions
Josh Rathmell Participant Biostatsolutions
Tina Chen Participant Celegene
Sharon Wang Participant Gene
Alice Ehmann Participant CSG
Jessica Hu Participant FDA
Jiangtang Hu Participant d-wise
Eli Miller Participant Covance

Project Updates

  • The Working Group Leads have now combined the script sub-teams into one Code Sharing (Repository) team comprising of Script Metadata for Sharing, Script Discovery & Acquisition, Repository Content & Delivery and Repository Governance & Infrastructure.
  • We will be reviewing the sub-teams timelines and deliverables and updating our objectives.

Task Name Task Lead Objective Timeline
Script Metadata for Sharing Hanming Tu/ Wendy Dobson White paper published on Jan 03, 2019

Objectives and Timelines

Task Name Task Lead Objective Timeline
Web Application Framework for Shared Scripts Hanming/ Bob Friedman Further developing phuse R package to handle complicated R scripts Q2 2020
Generating Simplified TS dataset Hanming R Shiny App for generating Simplified TS dataset following FDA recommendation Q4 2019
Script Metadata Use Case for SAS Valerie/ Nancy Use cases for using script metadada Q2 2020
Common library framework for statistical analysis William Wei Developing a common library framework for statistical analysis Q2 2020
Analysis and Presentations To Monitoring PV Compliance Hal Li Develop UI and workflow for monitoring PV Compliance Q2 2020
R Initiative for Standard Analysis Scripts Hanming/ Gustav Recommendation for developing R script in R package format Q3 2020
Julia Initiative for PV Compliance Chris/Hanming Explore the Julia language for standard analysis using PV compliance as example Q3 2020
Repository governance and infrastructure Hanming Tu/ Mike Carniello Repository governance and infrastructure On-going

Project Activities

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Meeting Minutes

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