CS Working Group Deliverables Review

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Review of CS Working Group Deliverables

As projects within the Working Groups collaboration produce deliverables, a process must be in place to ensure deliverables meet the goals of the overall collaboration. The Steering Committee has put in place a very simple process to review each deliverables.

  • Project submits deliverable to Working Group Leads
  • Working Group leads review and if ready, it is forwarded to the SC
  • Steering Committee review for any policy or sensitivity issues
  • Steering Committee review deliverable within 14 days
  • SC either…
    • Approves and sends notice back to Working Group Lead
    • Sends comments back to Working Group Lead
  • Project updates as necessary and repeats process
  • Once approved…
    • Project posts information
    • Project sends note to communications committee
    • Communications committee markets deliverable

This is the PHUSE SC deliverables process flow chart