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Laura's Feedback

  • The links to SDTMIG are currently not yet explicit. I guess there are on the TODO list. Currently, there are statements like:

cdash:Column.AE.AEACN mms:dataElementName "AEACN"^^xsd:string . These seem valuable to me in this form, as mms:dataElementName is the only property that gives people the original CDISC identifier (In the RDF version, the URI will be the identifier, but I like the idea of keeping the old identifier as a string as well).

    • Links between all RDF representations is on the todo list
  • The value "AEACN" also signifies a link to SDTM, and I would propose to make that explicit by adding a statement like:

cdash:Column.AE.AEACN skos:equivalentConcept

    • Links between all RDF representations is on the todo list
  • The value of the properties cdashs:prompt and mms:dataElementLabel is always the same. (There is one exception, but the difference is extremely small: Column.VS.VSTESTCD has a prompt 'Test code ' and a dataElementLabel 'Test Coded'.) I would propose to remove the cdashs:prompt property. In the documentation, we could tell people to use the mms:dataElementLabel property as a prompt.
    • change cdash:prompt to be a subPropertyOf mms:dataElementLabel
  • The value of the property mms:ordinal does not correspond to the row numbers in the original CDASH1.1 documentation. Is that on purpose? Could we leave this out altogether?
    • Forms representations won't reflect the listing of unique Data Elements.
  • I would remove the text in brackets in the mms:dataElementDescription (e.g. {ACN}) as they are already covered by the cdashs:controlledTermsOrFormat property.
    • Agreed, will remove
  • Was the 'Information for Sponsors' left out on purpose?
    • Has been added as part of the Document Guidance content, will be merged presently.
  • Why do we have the word 'column' in the URI names? E.g. #Column.AE.AEACN . Why not just #AE.AEACN ? I know the SDTMIG has this too, so there is probably a good reason, but I could not figure it out.
    • Convention across representations - will refer to consolidation group; not significant.
  • The property mms:dataElementDefinition is the CDASH schema file, but it is not used and I cannot find it in meta-model-schema.owl. Should it be removed?
    • Will remove.
  • If I look at the Error log in Top Braid Composer, I see a lot of warnings. I get them too when I load the file in my own triple store. I haven't figured out what they mean yet.
    • Raised with Phil Ashworth (via FM)
  • If possible, it would be nice if we could make controlledTermsOrFormat an object property.
    • controlledTermsOrFormat may not be applicable for CDASH, to be reviewed.