Blockchain meeting minutes 6th September 2017 Minutes

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Attendees: Anders, Richard, Lauren, Wendy, Adama, Marc, Aji, Disa, Christopher, Hari, Faramarzi, Disa

Apologies: Bert, Eric

Group 1 – Introduce BlockChain and describe how it works and two use cases

Group Leader: Aji Team Anders, Farzad

Group 2 – Pre-requisites to adopt BlockChain: Regulatory/FDA statement, IT and Pharma/Healthcare landscape, "are we ready for Blockchain" Group Leader: TBC Team Disa

Group 3 – Understand the qualities of BlockChain relevant to the Pharma setting. Prove high level analysis of pros and cons of Blockchain in Pharma and Healthcare: two use cases.
Sub Group Leader: Team Adama,

Logistics Biweekly 30 minute calls for project leads and sub team leads Sub Teams to work schedule frequency between themselves or ask PhUSE to organise this

Project Scope To produce a WhitePaper to introduce the overview of BlockChain. Analyses the current process and areas where BlockChain would have the most impact and propose the Use Cases where BlockChain would transform the current landscape.

Project Plan Timelines Decided Sub Section heading to be finalised by mid-October to keep on track of timelines Send draft for team review- Dec (conscious of holidays in December) PhUSE review- March Presentation Slides – April

Risks Team memberships/availability Another group/company produces a similar WhitePaper Varied knowledge on BlockChain

Actions LW -To send out a doodle to set up Sub-team and project leads meeting for next week LW/Disa/Chris/Adama- To determine Sub-Team Leaders LW- May need to set up Webinar ALL – Members to update their sub-group preference and update contact details in the excel file on Teamwork Project Leads (when decided) – Define use cases which can be illustrated so that they can be explored with the relevance to the groups topic whilst also touching upon the other sub team topics to produce cross fertilisation to gain a more thorough understanding of the overall project