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|Disa Lee Choun|| Co-Lead || UCB || Disa.LeeChoun@ucb.com
|Disa Lee Choun|| Co-Lead || UCB || Disa.LeeChoun@ucb.com
|Adama Ibrahim|| Co-Lead || Biogen|| Adama.ibrahim@biogen.com
|Adama Ibrahim|| Co-Lead || Novartis|| adama.ibrahim@novartis.com
|Aji Barot || Co-Lead || Medisafe ||aji@medisafe.com
|Aji Barot || Co-Lead || Medisafe ||aji@medisafe.com

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Project Overview

Phase 2 Scalable Open Source Proof-of-Concept on Patient Data Transactions in Clinical Trials: This phase 2 is a follow up from the phase 1 project presented in the white paper to show how a blockchain-powered health wallet could support greater efficiencies across the clinical trial process. 1) Through design and implementation of faster, less onerous user identification processes 2) through permissioned access to a federated database pointing to a variety of traditionally siloed sources (inc. EMR, wearables, IoT etc). This would allow for faster recruitment and easier transacting between the many stakeholders involved in trial management.

Phase 1 Introduce BlockChain and describe how it works
Pre-requisites to adopt BlockChain
Understanding the qualities of Blockchain relevant to the Pharma setting and the example of use cases and applications
Provide high level analysis of Pros/Cons of Blockchain in Pharma and Healthcare

Affected Stakeholders include those involved with:

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology, CRO's, Regulators, Patients, Patient Advocate Groups, Non-Profit Organisations (such as CDISC, HL7, Pistoia),IT providers/vendors, Other healthcare providers.

Project Leads

Name Role Organization E-mail
Disa Lee Choun Co-Lead UCB Disa.LeeChoun@ucb.com
Adama Ibrahim Co-Lead Novartis adama.ibrahim@novartis.com
Aji Barot Co-Lead Medisafe aji@medisafe.com

Project Members

Name Organisation
Abdullah Albeyatti Medicalchain
Abhishek Mittal GCE Solutions
Abhivyakti Sawarkar FDA
Alan Thurlow IBM
Alex Normand Embleema
Ambadas Choudhari Infosys
Anca Petre 23Consulting
Anders Bergkvist Merck KGaA
Anders Vidstrup NNIT
Andrew Hoppin Coverus
Andy Laken Coverus
Anouk Ruhaak Industry
Areeb Iffan Infosys
Balaji Sundararajan Consilx
Bertrand Jaton Covance
Ben Chevallereau Industry
Biniam Hailu Crosnt
Bob Clay Highbury Regulatory Science Limited
Brigid Siegel Industry
Carol Cheng Taiwan Research Based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association
Carolina Arias SDL
Cyran Marek bah
David Gerhart Otsuka
David Hood Pfizer
Deepak Infosys
Denis Bazinov Longenesis
Deniz Coskun Industry
Diede Ruelens JNJ
Donna Zimmerman UCB
Ellen Vermaere UCB
Ema Zoric Covance
Emil Syundyukov Longenesis
Elisa Natale Astrazeneca
Eric Du Gilead
Eric Delente IQVIA
Florence Hudson Industry
Gerard Lynch Biogen
Graham Downing UCB
Haewon Lee Biock Health
Hakim Mohamed Biosolutions Clinical Research Centre
Himanshu Verma Consilx
Imran Rashid JNJ
Imran Shakur Biogen
Jacob Lee Digital Treasury Corporation
Jan Pieter Kappelle 4GClinical
Jayshaline Shethna Simply Vitalhealth
Jean Christophe Sunny Lake
Jen Horonjeff Savvy Cooperative
Jeremy Walsh FDA
Jide Odunsi GLP Health MedExpress Limited
Jim Nasr CDC
Julien Lazarus Covance
Kala shivalingaiah DOCS Global
Kamal Obad Nebula
Katherine Kuzmeskas SimplyVital health
Kanishk Singh ZS
Kenneth Getz Director of Sponsored Research Programs & Research Associate Professor
Kenneth NG Hashed Health
Kevin Collier Medidata Solutions
Kevin Coker Proxima Clinical Research
Kevin Hua Bayer
Kishore Kumar Consilx
Krish Chatterjee Digital Treasury Corporation
Khurram Mahmood Vineti
Dr. Konstantinos Votis Information Technologies Institute
Lordan Bulanadi Cenduit
Loretis Alisauskas IBM
Maria Palombini IEEE
Mak Baldwin Boehringer-Ingelheim
Marc Casals UCB
Marianne Logger Boehringer-Ingelheim
Mark Graves BAH
Martha Peschl Industry
Martin Rose Biogen
Matt Rose SAAVHA
Dr Mayur R Joshi Biogen
Michael Wise Syneoshealth
Mohit Juneja lyfescience
Natalie Pankova Metadvice
Niels Grabe Industry
Nicole Tay Mercantis
Nikolaos Tsoniotis Information Technologies Institute
Nobuto Matsui Klserv
Olivier De Fresnoye Industry
Pankaj Shukla Infosys
Pascal Bouquet Novartis
Peter Hassett Drug Dev eConsent
Paola Pagano Cenduit
Phani Ponnapalli Syneoshealth
Philip Clothiaux Hashed Health
Ramon Roig Covance
Rajan Patel GE Healthcare
Rajesh Jain Consilx
Ravi Malireddy PatienTrials
Ravinder Singh Infosys
Rebecca Jackson JNJ
Renne Glaser Saavha
Rhea Mehta Bowhead Health
Richard Shute Curlew Research
Ruhul Amin Astrazeneca
Russel Hanson Icahn Institute
Robert Miller Honeycomb health
Rohit Banga lyfescience
Santosh Sampath Infosys
Scott Askin Novartis
Shan Lui Industry
Siva Thiagarajan Cognizant
Skip Francis FDA
Srikanth Challa Infosys
Srinivas Karri Oracle
Stanley Wei Novartis
Sven Greiner HMS Analytical Software
Thijs Dieltjens JNJ
Todd Culverwell UCB
Troy Bannister ParticleHealth
Uli Broedl Boehringer-Ingelheim
Xavier Briand Novartis
Yusef Ghadiali Biogen
Zakaria Arrassi UCB

Project Activities

The PHUSE Blockchain project have published their White Paper on “How Blockchain Can Transform the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industries" click here to view the paper.

Project Updates

Provide project updates in this section.
Date: Description of Update

Objectives and Timelines

List proposed project deliverables and timelines.

Phase 2
Objective Timeline
Kick off Meeting 13th Aug 2018
SWG Leads Assignment 27th Aug 2018
Vendor Demo Sept 2018
Developing Detailed Use Case from Each WK Oct 1st 2018
Phase 1
Objective Timeline
Kick off Meeting Sept 2017
Sub Group Formation Sept 2017
Sub Section Headings (PHUSE Template) Oct 2017
100 Words for PHUSE Presentation Nov 2017
Decide on Use Cases Nov 2017
Researching and Send Draft for Team Review Dec 2017
Review Cycle 1-2 weeks turnaround Dec 2017
Sub Group incorporate comments from review Jan 2018
Sub Group Share Final Draft for merging of all sections Jan 2018
Review Cycle 2-Final Ream Review (2 weeks turnaround) 16th March 2018
WG Co-leads and SWG leads Group finalise the document 30 March 2018
Final Review-PHUSE/Independent Reviewer 30 Mar 2018
WG Co-leads and SWG leads Group to update and finalise document for publishing April 2018
WG members to work/finalise presentation slides for conference April 2018

Meeting Minutes

Phase 2

Phase 1

Webinar Presentations