BPDCI 11 Dec 2017 Meeting Minutes

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  • Todd Bazin
  • CDASH Extended Lead Team


1. Present an update/overview/status of this project to the CDASH Extended Lead Team

Meeting Discussion

Todd presented the following: File:2017 CDISC PhUSE Presentation CDASH Team.pptx

Notes/Feedback: Project was well received by CDASH team.
1. Lorraine Spencer suggested a name change for the project: 'Best Practices for Data Collection Design and Completion Instructions'
2. Kit H. suggested the following name 'Business Rules for Data Collection Concepts'
NOTE: Todd also received suggestions to update name of project after presentation at CDISC Interchange.
3. Lorraine suggested team tackles Diary design / ePRO next.

Alec Vardy from Jazz Pharma expressed interest in joining PhUSE team.

Action Items

Todd: Discuss suggestions with PhUSE team.