August 7th, 2018 Minutes

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Attendees: Ingeborg, Bharath, Gaoyang, Ashish

Apologies: Melissa, Munish, Eric


Review Survey questions

  • Three categories of subject level data visualisation
    • Tabular
    • Graphical
    • Narrative

  • Present the survey within the Data Anomaly presentation (Ingeborgs slot) - Eric may want to co present on this?
  • Comments on the graphical survey
  • Bharath - Surveys look good the points have been thoroughly covered
    • Provided some comments on batch processing within the tabular survey
    • Eric has updated the document with the batch processing comments
    • This is to generate the final PDFs
    • Identify the subject based on country
    • There are cases where you'd need a singular patient profile tab
    • Goals for the batch processing
    • Decrease the process time
    • Ability to specify criteria for patients to be include in generation of PDFs showing the tabular patient profiles
    • Include definition for tabular patient profiles

Comments within Data section

  • Point 2 - to include both details of the things that occurred during the time period as well as the details of each event, intervention or finding that occurred
  • Point 3 - Is this realistic? People may always answer yes to this
    • Shall we bound this?
    • Even is some configuration required
  • Shall we remove point 5 within data as it is scoped within point 3 and 4
  • Point 6 - We need to know the size of the data - Data sets 2-30 GB or larger

Features Listed Requiring more Information

  • Point 4 - we have to merge with other data sets to get the information across
  • Point 5 - Shall we merge this with the ability to work with ADaM datasets (with point 3 under data)
  • Point 3 and 4 could be merged with processing
  • Move point 6 under display and use


  • LW to re upload the poster from CSS