Apr 8, 2019 Meeting Notes

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Feb 11, 2019

Present First Name Last Name Affiliation
Yes Kevin Snyder FDA
Elaine Thompson FDA
Kevin Cahill EPL
Bill Varady Boehringer-Ingelheim
Yes Bob Friedman Xybion
Stephen MacMannis Pfizer
Fred Mura PDS
Yes Anthony Fata SNBL
Hanming Tu Frontage
Regrets Bill Houser Bristol-Myers Squibb
Atul Mishra Pfizer
Jared Slain MPI Research
Drashtti Vasant Bayer
Michael Muzyka MPI Research
Eli Miller Covance

Follow-up action from previous meetings:

  • CDISC has told Bill the SHARE API will be accessible in Q1 2019 and will be accessible to this team.
    • Bob got an email indicating that the SHARE API is available to "Gold" members of CDISC but didn't get a chance to try it out yet.

Today's topics:

  • Kevin and Bob discussed progress on the Data Factory. Bob has written code that can parse the SEND IG to inform the variable creation of domains in the Data Factory. Kevin and Bob will work on using this to create each domain populated with test data.