All team meeting 29/05/18

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Attendees: Richard, Matt, Sven, Jeremy, Aji, Selena, Mark, Vahan, Carol, Chris, Marek, Nicole, Disa, Stanley, Will, Maria, Bob, Selina, Anders, Imran

Apologies: Fernand, Pascal, Phil


  • Welcome/recap
    • 24 members from different functional backgrounds
    • 2 Key FDA reviewers
    • Learnt how we can implement Blockchain in our industry
    • We have built an implementation plan
    • We want to refine the scope definition

  • Team Members for Phase 2
    • If you're interested please reach out to Disa, Adama or Aji
    • Anders Vidstrup is interested in phase 2
    • We now need to submit a new project request to the PhUSE Steering Committee
    • We may request support from members to potentially provide some type of budget for development to cover the use of a programme

  • Scope of Use Case (White Paper)
    • Want to try and produce a proof of concept
    • Look to focus on patient data transactions in clinical trials

  • Project Deliverables and Timelines
    • Project paper and deliver at least one proof of concept
    • RFI and RFP - 2 months
    • Development and testing 4-6 months
    • Finalising the paper - 3 months

Next steps

  • Confirm participation within the next month
  • Set up a kick off meeting within a month
  • Update contact details in Teamwork
  • Team agree on use case
  • Complete project proposal form


  • Vahan - EHR to the blockchain what stage do we open that item to technical implementation? When do we start bringing in other participants?
  • We need to identify the elements we need to consider and how we can implement them e.g FHIR standards in to clinical standards
  • Involve experts/vendors who have knowledge on EHR and EDC systems
  • Potentially collaborate with other PhUSE working groups who may be working on similar subjects


  • Put together a list of different vendors we'd like to come and present
    • Start tracking to identify the categories of technical information and background we need to put together and start inviting people externally to gain clarity and map what already exists at the moment to help identify the gaps and learn from their experience
    • Adama to put together a template and share with Lauren
  • Jeremy - Is able to give information on Blockchain within EHR
  • Mark - We found success around not interfering with peoples operations use validation of historical information
  • Richard - Which data is going to go on the Blockchain? Countries do not want the raw data public in regions other than the origin.
    • Matt - If you do not have the raw data on the Blockchain then the ability to delete data is there and you are able to comply with GDPR
  • Jeremy - Meta data tags are going onto Blockchain
  • Marek - You want control the data on a Blockchain
  • Karen from ERT has interest in working with the team
    • Maria We are starting an activity looking how to validate data coming out of the wearable
  • IEE looking at how to produce standards - We don't have one standard which will solve all the issues we have
    • Health quality data scoring - How do we validate data when its streaming in
    • Clinical IOT - validating data coming out of them and then writing them into a blockchain so that the patient has access
  • Jeremy - One of the use cases we are looking at is streaming data on to the Blockchain from wareables
  • Maria - Private Blockchains for clinical trials some are in pilot none are ready to discuss the challenges

Next Meeting

  • Topic for discussion - Criteria for Blockchain protocols