All Team meeting 10/01/18

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Attendees: Anders, Disa, Sven, Adama, Selina, Jim, Richard, Will, Maria, Chris, Aji, Fernand, Loretis, Nicole

Apologies: Karin


  • Project Team Roles
  • Contributors
  • Advisers
  • Reviewers
  • Editors -
    • Adama, Aji, Chris.
    • Chief Editor - Disa
  • Project Members
    • 26 Project Members
  • Project Deliverable
    • Provide a White Paper which includes an overview of Blockchain
  • Current Goals
    • Add essential Content to Sections
    • Craft compelling messages
    • Ruthlessly edit sestions - aiming for 20 pages in total
    • Create action- packed executive summary
  • Project Timelines
    • Have a two week review by project team
    • Send for PhUSE/Independent review - March 16th
  • Conference Posters
    • IEEE Presentation/Roundtable Discussion (Orlando) - February
    • Global Clinical Trials Connect (London) - April
    • Blockchain in Healthcare Presentation (London) - May
    • DIA Poster Session (Raleigh) - June
    • PhUSE Connect - June
    • Clinical Innovation Partnerships (Zurich) Panel Discussion


  • List the sources to back up the claims made in the White Paper
  • Co presenters for Global Clinical Trials, Connect and Blockchain in Healthcare conferences please reach out to leads if you wish to present alongside the team.