9 September 2016 Meeting Minutes

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A TC/webex was held on 9 September 2016 in which demonstrations of two different software platforms for data analysis and visualization were provided. Eric Herbel, President of Integrated Clinical Systems, Inc. gave an overview of JReview. JReview is a software platform used at FDA and pharma industry companies primarily for clinical data analysis. However, this platform can incorporate nonclinical SEND data. Microscopic and macroscopic pathology data were displayed with bar charts utilizing simple frequency of findings, and cross-domain analyses are possible. Studies can be pooled together across common domains. A risk-ratio volcano plot can be used to aggregate data across multiple studies. This plot should be examined in future meetings as a unique output for data display and review. Updates to ToxVision from PointCross were provided by Suresh Madhavan and Raja Ramesh. Novel -omics data can be analyzed and reported. Searching can occur across studies and cross-study analysis is possible. Histopathology findings (specific lesions) can be searched across studies. A very unique graphical output was shared, called a "sunburst" plot, which is still a prototype. This output is a visual display of histopathology findings that presents organs, findings, modifiers, severity, etc. This display has a dynamic user interface and was visually very interesting. This output should be followed-up in future meetings as a novel means for displaying and aggregating histopath data.