8th August 2018

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Attendees: Anders, Hans Peter, Andrew, Ashish, Martjin, Evi 

Apologies: Bob, Rocco, Stuart, Tony 


  • Plan for update of document - version 4 
    • Tried to consolidate the different inputs 
    • The document needs to be refreshed - no need for a complete re write 
    • We will be exporting some chapters to appendixes in a separate document 
    • Give examples of cloud providers GXP examples 
    • Include essence from merk document 

  • New Appendix 
    • Have an updated document ready for EU Connect in November 
    • Definitions Chapter 
    • How to conduct an audit of cloud providers 
    • Validation approach to cloud solutions 
    • Use specific appendix about regulations 
  • Ashish - should we add a section on GDPR and how cloud has been affected 
    • Anders - This is something we will discuss next year when we have more experience of GDPR 

  • Allocation of Actions 
    • Anders, Bob and Tony will Refresh the text - to be completed in August 
  • Anders and Bob - to make the chapters leaner - to be completed in August 
  • Daniel - to include essence from Merk - to be completed by August/September 
    • We will use examples to cover some of the topics in the document

  • Appendixes 
    • Definitions chapter based on ISO and NIST - Evi to complete in August - September 
    • Paragraphs from regulations impacted by Cloud solutions supported by regulators Q&A - Martjin & Anders to complete 
    • Audit of Cloud Service providers - is anyone conducting an audit on this? or does anyone have any experience in this?
    • Validation approach to Cloud solutions - This is on hold we will review if this has been covered in the main document
  • Cloud migration from one provider to another - 
    • Does anyone know anyone who has experience of this? 
    • We aren't looking for a technical response 
    • What to be specifically aware of


  • Consolidate document in October for final review