8 December 2017 Meeting Minutes

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A teleconference-Skype for Business meeting was held on 8 December 2017. A Brown presented information regarding the upcoming FDA PhUSE CSS for 4-6 March 2018 in Silver Spring, MD. Abstract submission due 12 January 2018, draft poster due 2 Feb 2018, final poster due 16 Feb 2018. Alan presented graphical display of histopathology data from a 14-day rat DRF study using both the Novartis TSP and HistoGraphic, as eTOX data were available for the study. The team discussed strengths and weaknesses of the two formats and tools. Target organs and lesion terms can be readily searched in Histographic. Questions arose as to how recovery groups are labeled in TSP or Histographic. Recovery is a SEND descriptor whereas not this is not evident in eTOX data. Also, how are "normal" findings displayed ? Team will work on preparing an abstract and outline for data to be presented in a poster. The poster should display the hierarchy of the data.